Clean and safe period care products

Sundrop Wellness is here to reduce the usage of plastics and toxic chemicals from our world and to provide a cleaner solution to period care products, so that you can be confident that you are getting the cleanest and safest products for your self-care routine.

We care about what you use for your body and about the planet. Our 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton pads are available online and in e-commerce marketplaces.

Sundrop Wellness pads are for all people who bleed. We are excited to have you onboard on our journey to make a difference to our planet. 

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plant-based back sheet and biodegradable

Our back sheet is made out of corn-based film, which means that it can compost within 6 months in optimal conditions. The pads are also individually wrapped in a plant-based film to ensure that both wrapping and pad will reduce overall waste and carbon footprint.

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Why organic cotton?

Unlike other pads that use synthetic fibers and chemicals, our pads are made of organic cotton, which allows the skin to breath whilst keeping you dry and protected. This soft material also reduces irritations, allergies and rashes. 

Sundrop Wellness pads use 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton ensuring a strict guideline on quality and sustainability to craft our pad. This simply means that no chemicals, bleach, pesticides were used in the making of the organic cotton top sheet.

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Our period care

Welcoming you to the period of organic pads.

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